Here you will find wonderful books to delight and satisfy, mesmerize and amaze.


What others think of Suz's books:

Over 100 Five Star Reviews!


"deMello sets the hook early and keeps the reader’s interest to the last page."
--Vera's Book Reviews and Stuff


 "steamy in true Suz deMello fashion. She has a way of making the stories believable even if they are short and the chemistry undeniable. 
I love getting a chance to read this author's books since it's always an adventure and usually the last thing you'd expect!"
--Kathleen Rivest


"Great job Ms. DeMello – you know what I like!"
--T.B. Cooper




She failed at the one task Society allotted to her...

But there is more to Sylvia Dillworth than meets the eye.


After a disastrous presentation at Court,

Lady Sylvia learns that her parents plan to marry her to a 

man three times her age.


Desperate to avoid this fate,

she recklessly borrows her brother’s clothes and flees to Oxford

to...to...to do what?

She has been trained for exactly one task:

marry a peer and produce more peers.


As the youngest son of a noble family,

Alan Maitland had three prospects open to him:

the Church, the military, or politics.

But the moment he stepped onto the 

manicured quadrangle of his Oxford college,

he decided he would never leave.


His pay as a Music Master is modest, 

but as a bachelor, all his needs are met...

except for a falsetto in his choir.


He's enchanted by the voice of "Syl Dill,"

yet bizarrely attracted to the young man.


Their feelings are mutual,

but how can Lady Sylvia reveal herself without a scandal?

From a happy reader:



This historical romance is full of our heroine's mischief. How she gets away with it is amazing. All the characters are fun, even the "Pugilistic Prelate". A very different and amusing, sweet romance.

--Petula Winmill

from sweet to sexy,
and beyond...

As you scroll down, 
the stories will become hotter.
Suz's series books follow.

The two books at the bottom are 
Suz’s non-fiction works. Then check out sweet romances written as Sue Swift.

And then there's a little biographical information about Sue.


Secret Father: A Sweet Romance
short contemporary novel
Setting: northern California

When Linda Travers was 14, Dave Madsen, 17,
rescued her from a snowy death.

They later met at an end-of-term party 
at their college
and lost their virginities to each other
before Dave left the country—
without knowing Linda was pregnant with their son.

Years later, he re-enters her life.
Who has he become?
Can they create a future together as a family?


Reviews include:

Five Stars! "Be sure to read this great book!"
--Gloria Antypowich

Five Stars! "Fabulous!"


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Available in print and digital


The Romantical Groom:
Being a Satyre
Genre: historical, short story
Setting: (imaginary) Regency

A #1 Amazon bestseller!

Suz deMello flips the traditional 
Regency romance upside down and sideways
in this gentle satire in which 
Marlene, the Earl of Maybegood,
roughly woos gentleboy Georgie Longjohn 
on the eve of his first Season.

Included in Lady Sylvia's Masquerade


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Deadly Waters
full length novel
contemporary romantic suspense
Setting: Bermuda Triangle

The cruise from hell…

Gen X meets Agatha Christie on the high seas of the Bermuda Triangle when Sherry Case, gofer for the battling bigwigs in the family-owned firm Genesplice, arranges for a team-building cruise aboard the yacht Swashbuckler. However, the mismatched group of passengers feuds even before the yacht has left the harbor.

A rogue wave, faltering navigational instruments and a trio of sharks continue to challenge Sherry and her new lover, the yacht's Captain Freeman. But Free and Sherry aren't fazed until a passenger turns up dead in her locked cabin. The vicious murder throws the ship, its crew and passengers into panic. Who could the killer be? Suspects and motives abound. 

Ordinary twenty-somethings thrown into an extraordinary situation, Sherry and Free must solve the mystery, 
defeat the myriad dangers of the triangle, 
and reach land before the villain can kill them. 


Praise for the first edition
(published as Triangle under a different pen name)

“Fans will enjoy this fine at-sea thriller.”
--Harriet Klausner

“Recommended as a fun read… Enjoy. I sure did.”
--Anne K. Edwards


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Love on Thin Ice
full-length novel
contemporary romantic suspense
Setting: the world of pro hockey

How far would you go to win your lifelong dream?

When filmmaker Zoë Whipple agrees to shoot a documentary about a hockey team’s season, she doesn’t sign on for scandal, crime and murder. But she discovers that players, rabid to win the championship, don’t let morality or the law stand in the way of their ambitions.

When a rookie dies from cardiac arrest, Zoë is saddened but not suspicious until another player, in the grip of ’roid rage, goes berserk on the ice and ends up in the hospital. Digging into the mess reveals illegal painkillers and steroid abuse among most of the team. Zoë, whose reputation for honest filmmaking is at stake, threatens to expose the scandals.

Is her new lover, team captain “Crash” Crasseau, responsible for the harassment and vandalism meant to scare her into silence? When Crasseau’s ex-wife is murdered, and Zoë’s daughter is threatened, Zoë must choose between her career ambitions and her child’s safety.


What others have said about a previous edition:

Five stars! I genuinely enjoyed this book.
--John W. Cobb, Amazon reader

Whether you are a fan of sports or not, I have no doubt you will enjoy this romance.
--Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews


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Fashion Victim
full length novel
Genre: romantic suspense
Setting: contemporary New York

Can a fashion designer find love with a 
corporate raider?

"delightful romantic suspense" 
said Publisher’s Weekly


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Lord Devere's Ward
full-length novel
Genre: sexy Regency romance
Setting: London, 1820

Will he choose love or honor?

Orphaned Kate Scoville is trapped in a tower prison by her scheming uncle, who plans to wed her to his loathsome son in order to gain control of her fortune. Plucky and resourceful, Lady Kate escapes to London to ask for help from her guardian. She's sure the elderly Earl of Devere will help her in her plight.

Kate is astounded to find that the Earl has died, and his son has become her guardian. 

Quinn, the present Earl, remembers Kate from his childhood as an awkward child he loved to taunt and tease. But now his ward has grown into a beautiful young woman. Though honor prevents Quinn from making Kate his, their attraction is irresistible…

Will Kate tempt Quinn into abandoning honor? Will the wicked uncle trap Kate, compromise her and steal her fortune?

First published as Hopelessly Compromised by Kensington/Zebra Books. Winner of the Beacon Award for Best Historical Romance.


What readers said about previous editions:

Five Stars! "Regency Romance is Alive!"
--B. Berry

Five Stars! "Thoroughly Engaging Regency Romp"
--Catherine Cavendish

Five Stars!

Five Stars! "…so charming and lively…"

Five Stars! "Regency at Its Best!"
--Judith Dedek


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Walk Like A Man
full length novel
Genre: sexy contemporary romance
Setting: Napa Valley, California

"Marti Solis is an accomplished physical therapist who works wonders with severely injured patients, but Jim Wellman is a macho football star who can't seem to get past her cute looks and smart mouth... 
A very enjoyable contemporary romance..."

Review of first edition by Lynne Welch
Copyright © American Library Association. 
All rights reserved

This edition has been updated and re-edited for your enjoyment.


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Wounded Warrior
full-length novel
Genre: contemporary romance
Setting: Alaska, USA

Veteran Fisher Chugatt has withdrawn from the world, retreating to the 
Alaskan village where he was born and raised.
Can a sexy, lively DJ from Los Angeles break through his shell?

DJ Valerie Percy rejects the phony life she’s lived and travels to remote Takinsha Island determined to start over. She looks for a fuck-buddy, an accessory she considers more important than mascara. She wants a warm, outgoing man to laugh with her, hang out with her, and shag her silly.

And then she falls for Fisher Chugatt, a loner who rejects any relationship.
Can Valerie’s love heal the pain Fisher carries?


This book was previously published as Seducing the Hermit. It’s been revised and re-edited for your reading pleasure.


What Goodreads reviewers thought of earlier editions:

“…enjoyable… Sweet story, steamy sex and very likeable characters.”

“…a good read by the pool in the summer or by the fire in the winter.”

“I enjoyed this one… I liked their chemistry…”
--Heather in FL


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Genre: contemporary romantic comedy
steamy, includes sugar kink
Setting: Boston, MA; LA; Kentucky USA
Full Length novel

Do you like sexy twins in a mistaken identity romance involving two hot brothers, sugar kink and a June wedding? If so, this is the light, funny romance for you!

For Colton Wilder, the invitation to his brother’s wedding is an invitation to trouble, because Colt, having boinked the bride, knows what she’s really like. He doesn’t want his brother Max marrying selfish, manipulative Nicole Newcombe, a famous supermodel. In his view, Nicole stole the groom from her sister Dana.

For staid scientist Dana Newcombe, the invitation to her identical twin’s wedding is an invitation to humiliation. While Nicole was conniving to steal Max away from Dana, Dana had wild monkey sex in a glass-walled elevator with his brother Colt.

When they meet again at the wedding, she doesn’t want to want Colt, but she can’t help remembering and re-enacting their earlier sexy tryst in oh so many different ways.

Praise for an earlier edition

“Enjoy a few hours with twins, hot men, steamy sex and lots of good fun!”
Long and Short Reviews, Amazon

“This is a truly fun read, Colt and Dana are a hoot.”
Emily, Goodreads reviewer

available in print and digital


Spy Game
full-length novel
Genre: Romantic suspense
Setting: contemporary Silicon Valley, California

Fledgling agent Ani Sharif has finally been assigned 
her first undercover mission—
to seduce software tycoon Richard Rexford,
known as the fearsome T-Rex of Silicon Valley.
He's suspected of selling software secrets 
to the Chinese.

Ani must succeed at her first assignment, but will handsome, clever Richard uncover her secrets and seize her heart?
(contains scenes of light bondage)


Five Stars! "A must read!"
--Angelica Lichtner

Five Stars! "For lovers of sexy spy stories with twists"
--Kitty Grimm


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Sherlock's Scandal
(historical fan fiction; short story)

A bored Sherlock is a dangerous Sherlock. His twin vices of cocaine and sex could prove his undoing, until he meets his match in elusive, enigmatic Irene Adler. Hiding her heart, Irene deserts Sherlock in the midst of their affair. He schemes to win her back, but the lady won’t come easily to hand. Instead, she forces him to compete for honor, glory and love.

What others have thought about this story:

Five Stars! "A heady and enjoyable romp"
--JMyersBook, Amazon reader

"More than spicy!"
--Tammie, Night Owl Reviews

--Brenda Talley, Romance Studio


Find it at Amazon,
Smashwords, or any other etailer
of your choice


For My Master
short story
Genre: romantic suspense
Setting: contemporary San Diego, California

Agent Kathie Belmont has long lusted after 
her boss, Ross Guerrero,
but has never even flirted with him.
Could he be the strong but tender Master she craves?

Ross wants Kathie in his life—on her knees. 
But the constraints of their jobs with an ultra-secret US security agency have come between them.

Will their undercover roles as a sex slave and
her Master bring them together...forever?
(contains light BDSM and anal sex)


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or any other etailer you choose!


Toe Cleavage
short story
Genre: contemporary erotic romance
Setting, NY, USA

Shelbie Nathanson resents Rick Saldano's ascension to C.O.O. of her family's shoe company, a job she's wanted all her life. But she can't resist his red-hot, sexy style of lovemaking--one that focuses on her passion: shoes.

What others have thought of this story:

“Deliciously hot!”
--Author Justine Elyot

“This book was great…very believable fun story…Thanks for the quick romp.”
--Black Disaster Fairy

“Five stars…brought me into a world I don’t have a clue about. Very well-written short story.”
--Kurt Wannanut (The Erotic Critic)

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or the online bookseller of your choice


Queen of Shadow
full-length novel
Genre: futuristic kinky romance
Setting: 30,000 years in the future

Looking for the next GoT? Here you are.

A brave queen struggles to control divided kingdoms on a terraformed planet thirty thousand years in the future.

Janus is a planet which lacks both tilt and spin, and the Shadowlands are the pewter band of dusk dividing its violently hot Lightside from the Darkside, imprisoned by eternal night. Because of the peculiar conformation of the planet, birthrates are low and indiscriminate mating encouraged.

Audryn, Queen of Shadow, has reached that time in her life when she must choose a King to rule with her or fail to bear an heir, casting not only her realm but all of Janus into chaos. Despite her duty, she is reluctant to share power, even a bit distrustful. 

Janus’ nobles vie for Audryn’s hand. Although she enjoys trysting with all her suitors, none seize her heart.

Then Storne, the warrior Prince of Darkness, arrives to claim her as his bride. Will his masterful ways allure or repel the willful Queen?
(contains numerous scenes of kink/public sex)

Reviews include: 

“thrilling…Spicy, erotic sex scenes so hot they singed the pages…exceptional  erotic fantasy.”
--Coffee Time Romance

Five Stars! "Fantastic!"


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Phoenix and Dragon
full-length novel
Genre: BDSM romantic suspense
Setting: contemporary San Francisco

Tough, clever and beautiful, biracial detective Liza Bowman struggles with a San Francisco kidnapping case until she finds the victim’s secret sex diary, 
which reveals that the young female vic went to a bar dressed in scanty red leather and read 
The Story of O
She hasn’t been seen since. 

Liza recklessly imitates the vic’s last known location and activities and falls into the hands of James Li, the most notorious whoremaster in the city. 
Wealthy and handsome, James has already crossed paths with Liza...when she arrested him. 

In James’ view, reading a famous bondage novel in public is a blatant come-on, and he’s eager and ready to give his nemesis what she wants. 
(contains numerous scenes of BDSM sex)

Reviews include:

Five Stars! "Took me by surprise but was a good read. Lots of sexual content but intriguing." 
--Sussan, Goodreads 

Find it at Amazon
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Six Steamy Shorties: 
Sexy Short Romances


One Hot Havana Night
Genre: historical erotic romance
Setting: Pre-revolutionary Havana, Cuba, 1958

On the eve of the revolution,
journalist Ellie Wheeler dreams of the 
biggest story of her life.

Two hot men make all her dreams come true—
even ones she didn’t know she had.
(M/F/M ménage)


Naughty Balls
Genre: contemporary New Adult romance
Setting: Contemporary USA

Two college basketball players find themselves alone
together on the night of Valentine’s Day (M/F).
Ocean Dreams
Genre: light paranormal (shapeshifter)
Setting: northern California, USA

Marine biologist Sandi has never forgotten Blue,
the baby dolphin with whom she bonded.

Reunited with him years later,
she discovers he’s a shapeshifter in the 
sexiest possible way.


Spring Training 
Genre: contemporary erotic romance
Setting: Arizona, USA

A hot pitcher finds his secret desires fulfilled by 
a striking new trainer,
who disciplines him in ways he’s only dreamed about (F/m; intense scenes of female domination)


Viking in Tartan
First in the Highland Vampire series
Genre: historical vampire romance
Setting: Scotland, Yule Eve, 1260

A Viking raider with unusual powers brings 
change to little Clan Kilbirnie,
especially to the chieftain’s daughter Rhona.


Anna’s Adventures
Genre: historical BDSM erotica
Setting: Marrakesh, Morocco, 1898

A virginal Englishwoman is ordered to
spy for her country in a mysterious seraglio.

She never dreams of the sacrifices 
her job would require.
(Very intense scenes of BDSM dubious consent)

Reviews include:

Five Stars! "A sweet and hot read... I thoroughly enjoyed them all."
--Betty Welch for Fiction Vixens

Five Stars! "A wonderful collection of short stories..."
--Redrabbitt (top 500 reviewer)


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Six Sizzling Shorties: 
Sexy Short Romances

Another great volume of short stories!


Immortal Hunters
Genre: paranormal action-adventure
Setting: northern California

A century-old vampire, Rama is used to 
shadows and loneliness.

She uses the name Hestia White and lives in a coastal town working as a private investigator. 
If some bad guys disappear on her shift, 
no one cares…

Then John van Helsing shows up.
Bearing the name of the vamps’ greatest foe,
he interferes in her case and in her life.

Friend, lover or enemy?   

Readers thought:

“A highly charged, sexually stimulating and all around pleasurable trip.”
--Robin, MyBookCravings.com


Love in the Air
genre: contemporary erotic romance
setting: northern California

(M/f) Jill’s been curious about BDSM 
since reading Fifty Shades,
and firefighter Zack is more than willing 
to scratch that itch for her.
(contains sugar kink sex)

A reviewer wrote:

“I loved this story… beautifully written…very tasteful...”
--Charlotte Isaac


Gypsy Witch
Genre: contemporary paranormal
Setting: Sacramento, California

Ben’s a tough, down-to-earth cop who 
doesn’t believe in magic,
yet he falls for a modern-day witch.

Will Ben and Elena’s fragile love be lost when 
she reveals what she truly is?
(contains scenes of anal and ménage sex)
“…well-written and extremely hot.”
--Maura, Coffee Time Romance and More


The Moon Maiden's Mate
Genre:steamy futuristic romance
Setting: Luna, 2114

Lunarian law requires Shayna to 
marry before her next birthday. 
She's dated everyone in New Brooklyn and 
rejected them all, for
Gideon, her first crush, haunts her memories.

Desperate, she consults a matchmaker,
who sends a reluctant Shayna to 
Farside Colony to meet her mate.

The commander of Farside Colony, 
Gideon has never forgotten Shayna.
That he's been matched with her is a
dream come true, 
but will Shayna be willing to live in the
remote colony?
“This was a really fun story... Read it!”
--Dana Busenbark


Toe Cleavage
(short story)
Genre: contemporary erotic romance

Shelbie Nathanson resents Rick Saldano's ascension to C.O.O. of her family's shoe company, a job she's wanted all her life. But she can't resist his red-hot, sexy style of lovemaking--one that focuses on her passion: shoes.

What others have thought of this story:

“Deliciously hot!”
--Author Justine Elyot

“This book was great…very believable fun story…Thanks for the quick romp.”
--Black Disaster Fairy

“Five stars…brought me into a world I don’t have a clue about. Very well-written short story.”
--Kurt Wannanut (The Erotic Critic)


For My Master
Genre: romantic suspense
Setting: contemporary San Diego, California

Agent Kathie Belmont has long lusted after 
her boss, Ross Guerrero,
but has never even flirted with him.
Could he be the strong but tender Master she craves?

Ross wants Kathie in his life—on her knees. 
But the constraints of their jobs with an ultra-secret US security agency have come between them.

Will their undercover roles as a sex slave and
her Master bring them together...forever?
(contains light BDSM and anal sex)

"Five Stars! This book delivered... super-sexy..."
--Lily Harlem, Goodreads

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The Highland Vampire 

Rumors have followed the chieftains of 
Clan Kilburn for centuries. 

Said to be descended from the Viking Berserkers, they were ferocious in battle, known for tearing off the heads of their enemies and drinking their blood.

The gossip is frightening, 
but the reality is even darker.

From the elegant mansions of Mayfair to 
the mist-shrouded Highlands,
the Kilburn vampires hunt, swive and kill.

None are immune to their dangerous allure.

Who are the women who dare to love them?


Each story may be read as a stand-alone, 
but they’re better in order.

Check out the series page at Amazon
Most are FREE with KU!


Thank you for opening my eyes to a 
wonderful series...”


Find them at Amazon
many are FREE on KU!


A Fortune to Win
(short story miniseries)

Drug addicts Harvey, Lord Darlingside, and his supermodel wife, Mara, died by drowning in the Trevi Fountain while on a heroin binge. In a previous rare moment of sobriety, Harvey created a trust for their three children with a peculiar stipulation designed to ensure none would go his way: each must demonstrate maturity by making a substantial non-monetary contribution to others...

A Fortune to Win consists of linked stories showing how the Fortune heirs received their legacies and found love...plus a unique bonus prequel!

Stories include:

Alice's Sheikh
Genre: contemporary romance
Setting: an island in the Red Sea

A virginal English noblewoman finds herself under 
the complete control of an autocratic sheikh—
an unexpectedly sexy one who will do whatever he must to have her.
(includes light bondage)

Saving Sophia
Genre: contemporary romantic suspense
Setting: London, UK

“It doesn’t matter” is cynical Sophie Fortune’s motto.
Then her best friend is killed and Sophie herself is attacked.

Can Detective Inspector Nick Wendell keep her safe and heal her heart?

Peter's Story
Genre: contemporary romance
Setting: London, UK

Peter Fortune, Earl Darlingside, awakens beside a corpse. Accused of homicide, he must change his dissolute ways or face life in prison. Barrister Roxanne Fox, called Foxy Roxy, is charged with his defense. Will desire derail Peter’s case?


The Cowboy, His Countess, 
and Her Companion
Genre: historical erotic romance
Setting: England,  1870

The Honorable Amelia Haddon must marry, or lose the income that supports her and her "companion."  Averse to men, she is desperate until an American cowboy proves to be her unlikely rescuer.

But will judgmental society 
drag this happy trio apart?
(f/f; ménage sex)

Find it at Amazon
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Perilous Play: 
The Real Fifty Shades
Setting: contemporary northern California

#1 Amazon bestseller!
(sexual addiction list)

One woman’s journey into the 
contemporary kink underworld,
Perilous Play is Suz deMello’s 
explosive personal account of her
experiences with BDSM.

Engaging and honest,
this groundbreaking memoir will 
grab you and never let you go.

Buy on Amazon
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Available in print or digital


About Writing
Your Essential Writing Manual

Perfect for the advanced or aspiring author, ABOUT WRITING includes both Write This, Not That! Suzie's bestseller, and the newer Plotting and Planning, a primer on the basics: conflict and character, point of view, scene and sequel...plus much, much more, written in her engaging style.

What others thought:

Five Stars! "Great for writers at all levels."

Five Stars! "A fantastic primer!"
--Book Addict


Buy in print or digital at Amazon
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His Baby, Her Heart
(contemporary short novel)
Setting: Sacramento, California

All Alex Chandler wanted was a child with his wife, and her dying wish made it come true — but with her sister as the surrogate.

But Alex and Dena had never seen eye-to-eye on anything, so having a baby together could end their relationship...or begin a whole new one.

RITA Award finalist!

Buy it at Amazon
in print or digital
or at any etailer you prefer


The Ranger and the Rescue
(short contemporary novel)
Setting: New Mexico, USA

She strove to overcome her past as 
a battered wife... 
He struggled to remember his.

Will their passion still burn when he regains his memory?

Reviews include:

Five Stars! "Perfect!"
--Huntress Reviews

Five Stars! "...it was wonderful!"
--Detra Fitch, Amazon vine voice

At Amazon in print and digital


In the Sheikh's Arms
(short contemporary romance novel)
Setting: Texas, USA

Years before, innocent Cami Ellison’s father cheated Prince Rayhan ibn-Malik out of a fortune. Rayhan vowed to avenge his honor by seizing the one thing most precious to the swindler: his daughter. 

A decade later, at age nineteen, Cami has grown into a Texan princess, ripe for Rayhan’s seduction.

Will Cami's heart become the victim of the sheikh's revenge? Or can his virgin bride teach Ray the hollowness of revenge through the power of her love?

Text only at Amazon


Engaged to the Sheik
(short contemporary romance novel)
Setting: Florida, USA

Enjoy a romance between a sheik and a virgin—a virgin who's no innocent child. 

Selina Carrington, the tough-skinned, witty survivor of an attempted rape, finds herself in a phony engagement and accidental marriage to 
Sheik Kamar ibn-Asad, 
his nation's ambassador to the United States.

Dancing between attraction and fear, love and loss, this mismatched pair finds true love beneath the starry sky of Florida’s lush Gulf Coast.

"Poetic writing, sexy characters and the 
magic of love..."
--review by B. Deese

In print and digital formats at Amazon


Contact Suz via Facebook 


A little about Sue

Suz deMello says, "I'm a cliche... A vegan yoga teacher from California who loves walks on the beach, cuddling her dogs and romance novels." But she's an award-winning, best-selling writer who's hit several best-seller lists, been short-listed for the RITA and reviewed by such prestigious publications such as Kirkus, Library Journal and Publisher's Weekly

Suz uses a pseudonym to protect her privacy. But if you're a romance fan, you've probably read her books or have heard of her, since she's known for layered, compelling novels charged with humor as well as emotion. 

Of her journey to the steamier side of writing, Suz says, “I love writing traditional romances, but after several years in the same mode, I felt that I really needed to cut loose as a creative artist and write hot, sexy books that reflect the wilder side of being human.” 

Suz’s two dozen books are fast paced, with seductive situations, complicated characters and (occasionally) a whole lot of kink! 

Her personal motto is: Never stop learning, never stop growing. She's had at least six careers she can remember, including librarian, trial attorney, Starbucks barista, grant writer, and yoga teacher. Perhaps her most interesting career move was teaching English to preschoolers in China! But now she loves to write romance and teach yoga. She also has earned a 2d degree black belt in kenpo karate.

She currently resides in Mazatlan, Mexico, where she
walks on the beach, practices yoga, and cuddles her dogs every day.