Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Sherlockian Sunday Snog (#Sherlock @MFRW_ORG #kindle #kindleuk)

I haven't posted a Sunday Snog for a loooong while--not since Wordpress closed down Fearless, Fast-paced Fiction, my previous writing blog. No matter--I really love The Velvet Lair, and I'm happy to again participate in Victoria Blisse's wonderful weekly blog hop, The Sunday Snog. Thank you, Vicky!

A snog, for you unenlightened Yanks, is a kiss, and this blog hop highlights kissing excerpts. And because I'm focusing on Sherlock's Scandal right now, here's Sherlock and Irene's first snog:

She raised her gaze, boldly meeting mine. I leaned closer and put a finger beneath her chin. Her skin was soft over a strong jaw, testimony of a determined character.

My chest clenched in a most peculiar manner. Had I met my match?

It was rude, and crude, and forward, but I could not resist. I had to taste her mouth. I touched my lips to hers, pressing firmly but not savagely. That would come later, but for now, I did not want to frighten her off. I believed her to be a woman of sensual experience, but that was merely a deduction on my part. My deductions are often true, but I did not wish to take a chance on the delectable Miss Adler. I had to have her. A single blunder on my part, and the doe could flee into the night.        

Her lips trembled beneath mine, and for a moment I wondered if I had mistaken her character. Then her mouth opened, and she sucked, forever trapping me in her web of love. Eagerly following her lead, I let my tongue wander into the deepest recesses of her mouth, delighting in the flavor and scent of her. I caressed her delicate neck, which reminded me of the frail stem of a flower, then lowered my hand to seek her bosom, thrusting my fingers beneath her bodice to cup one quivering globe.

If you want to read more about the scandalous affair between Sherlock and Irene, find the story here: (All Romance Ebooks--discounted--best price!)

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  1. Oh, yum!

    Actually, you've done a great job capturing the rhythms of Sherlockian language here. I've got to read this!