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Will you be "Touched by the Sandman"? A new book by Beverly Ovalle

Today I host the charming Beverly Ovalle, who has written a fine book, Touched by the Sandman. Instead of a blurb-excerpt-bio sort of post, I asked Beverly to give me her Top Ten most helpful books on writing. Here's what she wrote:

Oh my goodness. Would it be really bad to admit as a writer that I don’t read books about writing? I gave away the ones I had someone give me. I admit, I’m a rebel, LOL. I like to toss the rules out the window.

So books, I love books. Picking my top ten will be super hard so I’ll give you the top ten I’ve read over and over. Um, they are not all romances either. I’m a serious geek. From PNR to historical to fantasy, my inspiration comes from them all.

Dark Fire by Christine Feehan. The chemistry between Darius and Tempest is fantastic, a wonderful story line with exceptional characters.

Dark Secret by Christine Feehan. I want Rafael De La Cruz. OMG, seriously luscious.

Maggie’s Beau by Carolyn Davidson. Beau is the ultimate man, caring protective and strong.

Nobody’s Hero by Kallypso Masters. Adam is the ultimate Dom and his inspiration is totally hot too!

The Dragon Riders of Pern – the whole series is awesome. Dragons, riders, saving the world. No way could I just pick one. By Anne McCaffrey and now the new ones by her son Todd.

Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens. A strong no nonsense hero, an equally strong heroine. I love the whole line of the Cynster Family.

The Blue Viking by Sandra Hill. I laugh from the beginning to the end with all of her books and well, Vikings, ya know? Hot, studly and did I say hot?

The Last Herald Mage by Mercedes Lackey. This is a fantastic series. Heartbreaking and wonderful, one of those you can’t put down. A wonderful fantasy writer, I can’t say enough wonderful things about her books.

Sylvester by Georgette Heyer. I absolutely adore this book. The stern, older hero and the flighty madcap heroine that he indulges and adores. <sigh> This book never gets old to me.

About a Dragon by G.A. Aiken. Dragons, arrogant males, humor and hot sex. There is nothing I don’t like about it. Or any of the series. Starting off with Annwyl the Bloody J in Dragon Actually and going from there, this is one screwed up, wonderful family in the Dragon Kin series.

I got my love of romance, fantasy and dragons from many of these and other authors. I want my heroes and heroines to be characters that people will also want to re-read. Combining humor with every day or not so everyday life to take people away from their lives. If I’m not there yet, I hope to one day be on my own top ten! LOL.

Well, okay, that was nice...but what about the book?

Title – Touched by the Sandman
Author – Beverly Ovalle
Genre – Erotic Paranormal
PublicationDate – March 20, 2014
Length (Pages/# Words) –34
Publisher – Boroughs Publishing Group
CoverArtist – Boroughs Publishing Group

Book Blurb/Synopsis –

~A lonely woman's torrid sexual dreams and fantasy partner await her as a dominant reality in another dimension~
The sandman visits those that need him, assisting them to sleep. Until one night he meets a woman that he cannot help but return to time after time.
She is lonely. He comes to her as she drifts off to sleep, the man of her dreams. Awake or asleep, which is her reality?
He knows she is the one meant for him. He will find a way to make both of their dreams come true.

Author bio:

Beverly Ovalle lives in Wisconsin with her husband Edmond of 24 years and two Chinese Water Dragons. Having her own Dragons is expected as she is dragon crazy and anyone that walks in her house can tell. Her son Nicholas visits when he is on leave from the Marines.  Her daughter Susannah visits from time to time to make sure us ‘old’ folks are alive and kicking.

Beverly has traveled around the world thanks to five years in the US Navy and has worked for the government in one capacity or another for the past 30 years. Beverly and her brothers have travelled most of the continental United States as children due to the station wagon from Hell.  Still active with veterans, she is adjutant for her local AMVETS.

Beverly has been reading romances since her Aunt introduced her to the gothic romance in the fourth grade and is still reading every chance she gets.

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