Saturday, September 20, 2014

Can a Vamp and a Van Helsing Fall in Love? Find out in Blood Is Thicker by Suz deMello (@MFRW_ORG #MFRWAuthor #vampire #Vampireromance)

It's said that opposites that so?

A century-old vampire, Rama uses the name Hestia White and works as a private investigator in a small coastal town in northern California. If a few bad guys disappear on her watch, no one cares...until John van Helsing shows up, interfering in her case and her life.

Decide for yourself if this mismatched couple can make it in My Sexy Saturday's seven paragraphs:

The detective met my gaze without falter.  “I could arrest you for loitering.”  He leaned closer, partway into my window.  “Take you in.  Lock you up.”

“Oooh, handcuffs.”  I shivered theatrically.
“Actually, Ms. White, we’re on the job.”  His voice had gone crisp and businesslike.
“Actually, Detective Whoever, so am I.”  I flipped open my wallet to flash my P.I. license. “Hey, I’ve shown you mine, so why don’t you show me yours?”
I’d teased out a reluctant smile, one that reached deep inside to heat me from my brain to my box.  Yes, that box.  I was surprised.  Mortals don’t usually turn me on. 
He reached for his wallet to show me his shield and I.D.  John van Helsing.  A tremor ran through me, ruffling the tiny hairs on my nape and my arms.  Was it chance that this detective bore the name of the most famous enemy of my kind?

“John-boy,” I said with phony delight.

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  1. Very nice! I love the premise and you have a great contemporary voice. This line really made me smile ~ “Oooh, handcuffs.” I shivered theatrically. :-)