Sunday, December 7, 2014

Seven Sexy Sentences from Perilous Play (#BDSM @fetlife #memoir #FSOG)

Contained in the latest boxed set from Summer Daniels, What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey, v.8, is my fictionalized memoir, Perilous Play. Candidly, very little of it is fiction--it's mostly true, except I added one scene and changed quite a few names.

Strangely, though the events felt sexy at the time--it details some of my earliest BDSM experiences--often I didn't remember what went on. My first Dom was quite adept at getting me into sub space, and if anyone reading this has been to that wonderful place, s/he knows that payment for that journey is memory. I don't remember much of what went on. 

I just remember loving it.

Here's a sexy snippet about part of my journey--a visit to a play space, aka dungeon:

First he secured me to a Saint Andrew’s cross, then the sling, which was
wonderful. Again, I recall little of the events but remember that I was tall for the cross, but Trapper improvised well. Being flogged, spanked and fucked while tied to that thing was great, but I fell in love with the sling. By the time Trapper had maneuvered me into it—being cuffed and hooded, I wasn’t much help—I was so turned on that when I swayed back and forth, suspended in the sling by its chains, I was coming constantly and felt like I was flying. 

I learned later that this state of being is called “sub space” within the community. It’s engendered by a lengthy play session that allows the body to form all those happy chemicals that make a person feel amazing. It doesn’t require orgasm, but is a sense of rapture that is very seductive.

When Trapper took the hood off, he presented me with his naked ass pressed up against my lips, as though he wanted me to kiss and lick it. I said, “I bet you think that I won’t like this but…I live for this.”

Here's what a reader said about Perilous Play:

I have been active in "the lifestyle" for almost ten years and Perilous Play is a must read, especially for anyone exploring the darker shades. The author's experiences, both the good and the not-so-good, are carefully detailed and related with delicious details throughout. If you have read FSoG, Perilous Play is your 51st shade.

Score your copy here:

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  1. Hot snippet. TBR list just swelled. :-)

    1. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the rest of my story.

  2. Ah subspace... nothing quite like it, is there :-)