Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Happy Hogmanay in Scotland (Desire in Tartan by Suz deMello)

This week's assignment from TPTB at My Sexy Saturday is "Our Sexy New Year." In Scotland, where several of my Highland Vampires stories are set, New Year's is called Hogmanay, and my Clan Kilburn celebrates by wenching and partying.

Here's my seven sexy paragraphs from Desire in Tartan, a scene between Laird and Lady Kilburn on Hogmanay:

On Hogmanay morn, the governess stood in the hall and received a bundle of blankets cocooning the slumbering Marian, destined to sleep in her light wooden cradle placed in the nursery. Then Lydia closed the bedroom door and firmly locked it. She turned to Kieran with a smile, shedding her dressing gown as she scurried on bare feet back to bed.
He reached for her bouncing breasts and latched onto the nearest one,
suckling deeply. She wrapped her hands around his head and buried her fingers in his hair, scratching his scalp with gentle fingertips.
“Ummm.” Still sucking her nipple, he grabbed her around the waist and hauled her down onto their bed, where he happily buried his head between her breasts. She was still nursing Marian, and they were large, firm globes, absolutely perfect. She tasted sweeter than usual, too.
He raised his head. Lydia lay back on the pillows, smiling. She lifted her arms and grasped the headboard. Stretching, she arched her back and lifted her breasts even higher.
He took the unspoken hint and rose, strolling to her dresser. Taking a strip of the worn linen that the clan used as towels, he turned and put on a stern expression.
She gave a slight gasp.
“Aye,” he said. Returning, he laced the cloth through the headboard’s slats and around her wrists, pinning them securely above her head. “Yer mine, now. All mine. Mine to use as I will.” He tweaked her nipple, then gave it a pinch.

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  1. definitely an invitation worth responding to, well done!

  2. Playful and sexy. Sounds like Hogmanay is more fun than New Year's.