Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kathleen Rowland gives us A KEY TO ALL THAT GLITTERS--romantic suspense

The sheriff links problems of the robbed yoga instructor to a jewelry theft ring but doesn’t figure she’d married her late husband because he looked like him.

Can you feel the heat between them?  He’s the one she always wanted. 
Here's a little about how Kathleen writes:
Kathleen picks colors to represent characters.  In A KEY TO ALL THAT GLITTERS, heroine Heatherlee is pink, the color of calm. She creates a tranquil touch, teaches yoga at her spa, and elevates the mood of those around her.  

The sheriff, Marc, is red because he fights to protect those in danger.   

Below is a review courtesy of Mary Alice Tallmadge of Book Drifters.
Sizzling attraction,  adrenaline rush, 4.5 stars!

Widow Heatherlee Baronova, while supporting her twins with a successful yoga spa, is stunned when a tough Russian woman, ex-con, demands a key to a safe deposit box. Naïve when she’d married her late husband, Heatherlee knows nothing about it. That night, her spa Clearwater is robbed, the police investigation is headed by Sheriff Marc Duarte, a sheep rancher from the silkiest gentry of town. The last thing she wants is for Marc to prove that dirty money built Clearwater.

Marc knows her problems with a Russian theft ring will escalate beyond bad press and the bottom line. After the twins are kidnapped, she starts listening. Shrewd, rugged, and rich, Marc is clueless that this coppery-haired bundle of determination and desire married her husband because he looked like him. He does see a practical advantage, but if he goes undercover as "out of hiding" Yuri Baronov, will it be a death sentence?

Heatherlee is a vegetarian who teaches yoga, and Marc is a rancher who serves rack of lamb.  She doesn’t serve food with mint jelly. The snappy dialogue and attraction between them kept me reading, and then the action escalated with a murder and kidnapping, and I had to finish it.  I highly recommend A KEY TO ALL THE GLITTERS, a sensuous read between a hot lovin’ couple.

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