Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Enjoy a V-Day Romance with "Forever Your Valentine" by Susan Hughes

Faith Kinley would rather forget all about Valentine’s Day. Last February 14th, she caught her husband with another woman. This Valentine’s Day takes a turn for the better when Faith runs into dead-sexy Cole McKenna. Attraction crackles between them, but Cole’s a confirmed bachelor whose career as a hockey scout keeps him on the road most of the year. With her heart still mending from her divorce, Faith resolves to keep her relationship with Cole strictly platonic—a pledge that becomes harder to keep as they grow closer. Will one night together ruin their friendship, or could they be falling in love?


Cole finished off the daisy chain by joining the first stem to the last, and then placed the crown over her hair. His mouth canted into an uncertain smile.

She reached up to gingerly touch the blooms circling her head. “I love it.”

“I love how you look in it.”

Faith curled her fingers around his hand. She felt warm and alive beside him, so peaceful and so much herself, as though she’d regained the equilibrium she’d lost a year and a half ago when she’d discovered Ted’s infidelity and her world spun apart. Somehow the pieces of her shattered spirit had settled back into place, and when she looked at Cole, and touched him, pure happiness sprouted in her heart.

She stepped closer and tilted her face up to brush her mouth against his. Resting her hand on his nape, she closed her eyes and welcomed the warmth of his arms encircling her waist to hold her close. Cole’s lips caressed hers with gentle strokes that gradually deepened, until her blood flowed hot with response.

Breaking the kiss, she eased away from him but held his gaze. The orange light of the sunset glowed in his eyes like flames.

“I guess we should head back to the airport,” he said in a thickened voice, and then cleared his throat.

Faith shook her head. She drew a breath before replying. “Do you suppose they have any vacant rooms at that bed and breakfast you mentioned?”

He stared at her with his brows gathered. “I don’t know. I … what are you saying?”

Her heart pulsed against her ribs. “We don’t have to leave tonight, do we? We could head home tomorrow morning.”

 “Is that really what you want?” Cole studied her face with narrowed eyes, assessing.

“Isn’t it what you want?”

“God, yes, but ... I don’t want you to think I brought you here for some grand seduction.”
Author Susan Hughes

Faith arched an eyebrow. “Did you ever question what I had in mind?”

“Well ... no. Not that I didn’t hope...” He lifted a shoulder as one edge of his mouth quirked.

“Today has been so perfect, Cole, I don’t want it to end.” Euphoria swept through her. She’d made the decision to follow her desire rather than second-guess herself. Whatever tomorrow might bring, she wanted Cole tonight.

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