Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Naughty Spring Fling Spanking (@naughtyliterati #SatSpanks #spanking #99cents #boxedset)

In my latest story, trainer Terri delivers a very naughty spanking indeed to pitcher Chase McCall.

This story, Spring Training, is a departure for me as I rarely write FemDomme stories, just the occasional scene here or there. And initially I thought it would be one of my standard BDSM tales--hot male tames feisty female. But Terri turned out to be one of those peope who is always in charge:

She stroked down his back, then delivered a stinging slap to one tight buttcheek. He jolted. One—two—three—four... His ass burned. He grunted behind the gag.

She stroked the cheek, digging in her fingers, massaging the muscle beneath. He groaned. Drool oozed from behind the gag onto the sheets.

If you want to know what Terri has in store for Chase, read the story--along with eleven other very naughty tales on a fabulous boxed set, Naughty Flings

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  1. Drool always adds a touch of realism. :-) Like seeing a woman in charge for a change.

  2. Nice snippet, Suz! I love me some femdom!

  3. I love it when characters become so real that they take over the story the way they want it, not the way the author initially conceived it.

  4. Very hot. I'm curious how the fem domme market is?

    1. I don't know, Renee. Even if a reader doesn't appreciate FemDomme, there are eleven other hot hot stories in the collection.