Monday, September 1, 2014

Wanna play doctor? Try "Yes, Doctor" by Darling Adams

When Dr. Darren Drake catches his Certified Nurse Assistant smoking behind the clinic and gushing on the phone about him, he decides she requires punishment: an embarrassing examination including anal play. Playing around with an employee opens him up for sexual harassment charges or getting kicked out of his practice, but when Chloe asks for more, he just can’t resist.

Despite working in an OB/Gyn clinic, Chloe hates doctors. Their know-it-all God-playing rubs her the wrong way—until the man she refers to as Dr. Dreamy shows her giving up control might fulfill fantasies of submission she never knew she had. He seems to enjoy torturing her in the most delicious ways, but he also reduces her to stammers and blushes, which makes it hard to get to know one another. Can he use his dominance to remove all semblance of control, leaving her with no option but to obey and show her true heart?

Publisher’s Note: this short novella contains elements of medical BDSM, including anal punishment, spanking and erotic sex scenes.


In this excerpt, Dr. Drake has been torturing his nurse assistant Chloe all day with a remote control bullet vibrator...

The idea of fucking her in the supply closet while his colleagues stood shooting the shit less than twenty feet away had a lot of appeal.

He eased back from his position, drifting away without excusing himself. At the end of the hall, he twisted the handle to the supply closet and slipped in, noiselessly.

Chloe stood much like he’d found her that morning—backed against the shelves. But this time, her eyes looked wild. He closed the distance between them in a few swift strides, capturing the back of her head and holding it to plunder her mouth.

She twined her arms around his neck, throwing her weight against him as she kissed back, her sweet little tongue tangling with his. When they broke apart, he held out his palm, using his best operating room voice, “lube.”

“Yes, doctor,” she whispered, reaching for a box containing a tube of lubricant and handing it to him.

“Turn around and bend over,” he instructed. He shook the tube out of the box and opened it. “Pull down your pants.”

She did not hesitate this time, yanking down her pants and panties.

Smearing a generous amount of jelly on his finger, he parted her cheeks and rubbed it over her anus.

She shot a worried glance over her shoulder.

“That’s right, Chloe,” he said in a low voice. “I’m going to fuck your ass, while you have a vibrator buzzing in your pussy and the rest of your bosses are just a few feet away.”

She whimpered.

He fully realized if they were caught, they would probably both be kicked out of the practice, but for some reason, it seemed completely worth the risk.

About the Author:

Darling Adams is a naughty author who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. She also writes spanking romance under the name Renee Rose.