Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Listen to as Well as Read this Sexy #BDSM #Spanking from Rakes in Tartan by @SuzDeMello (#MFRWhooks #MFRWAuthor))

Today marks a new venture for me, courtesy of the BDSM group on Goodreads. They produce a series of YouTube videos, readings of BDSM-laced erotica. Sirly Eric reads a selection from Rakes in Tartan at

Here's a snippet to pique your interest:

Dagmar stood. Clad all in white, her pale flesh almost indistinguishable from the clothing she wore, she seemed a woman made of ice but for the fiery stone between her breasts. Andrew was determined to melt her, break her, bring her to her knees.

He could be wrong, but he thought he’d understood her at first glance. The next few moments would tell him if he’d found the woman he’d needed all his life, or if he’d meet her son at dawn with pistols or rapiers in hand.

She turned to face him. He went to the door and locked it with a decisive click.

“Well, madame.” He thrust his hand into her hair and clenched his fist until tears started in her eyes. She gasped, and he kissed her, being deliberately rough as he thrust in his tongue.

She bit. He dragged her head back and slapped her arse as hard as he could, then wrapped his arm around her to control her thrashing about.

By Jove, but she was strong! Taller and stronger than any woman he’d ever known. He gloried in her struggle, knowing he was more than equal to her, and spanked her rump again and again, harsh swats that heated her flesh even through her clothing.  Finally she stilled and quieted.

He gave her one final smack. Her body jolted but she did not try to break free, instead letting her quivering body sag against his.

“Good girl.” Loosening his hand, he stroked her hair. “We donnae have to fight as long as ye acknowledge who is master.”

She again tried to jerk away. Frustration burned in her dark eyes. “I have no master and do not want one.”

He gathered her skirt, drawing up folds until he could easily reach beneath them. After finding the gap in her pantalettes, he reached inside and fingered her moisture. “Och, I think you do, madame, and I think I am the right mon for ye.”

He stroked her hot, hard bump and sucked in a breath. He’d found her. He’d found her, the woman his soul had craved. Clearly no-one’s fool, she was strong but desirous of submission.

He closed his eyes to savor the moment. 

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