Friday, September 5, 2014

The Naughty Schoolgirl's Discipline~~It's not original but it's fun (#spanking #BDSM @MFRW_ORG #free)

This blog hop has about a gazillion prizes:

I'm offering a digital copy of For My Master, a BDSM romantic suspense short story.

Plus, you get to read a whole lot of sexy prose.

I'm not quoting from a book this time--below please find a fantasy I created for a prospective lover. Alas, we never got it on, but it sure would have been fun!

Here's the scenario:

You're the Italian lit prof at a very chi-chi private school. I'm jailbait, but pretty experienced for a teen and I know I'n hot. I've been gunning for you from the moment I laid eyes on you. You like to fuck and you want me, but you really like your job, and you like your freedom more. No way are you going to screw up your life by even touching me.

One day, feeling delightfully wicked, I secrete myself in the kneehole of your desk before class. You rush in late, toss your books down on the desk, which faces the class, and lecture, while I'm concealed behind the privacy panel, which goes all the way to the floor.

After you finish talking about the influence of Petrarch on Dante, you assign
Art by Master Nick Roberts
reading and sit behind your desk to grade papers. The first warning you have that I'm there is when I reach up and take your soft cock in my hand.

You stiffen immediately. Not just your dick, but all over. You don't need a psychic to tell you whose hand it is. Meanwhile I'm in heaven, stroking and playing with you while you can't make a sound, can't betray by your expression what's going on. 

You stare down at the papers on your desk, biting your lip and sweating while I bring you off. You loosen your tie while contemplating how you plan to make me pay for what I'm doing.When I sense you're about to explode, I edge forward, reach up, unbuckle your belt, unzip you and take you in my mouth. You practically bite through your lip as you manage to come silently. I swallow every drop, then tenderly run my tongue up and down your sweet sweet cock before carefully tucking you away.

The bell rings to signal the class' end. After the last student leaves, you stand, go to the door and close it with a decisive click of the lock. I scoot out of the cubby, stand and stretch, a little painfully, but that's nothing compared to what I expect you to do.

I'm more than a little scared. I have no idea how you'll react, but I know I'm in trouble. My legs are shaking. I want you so much I can hardly stand, but I know there's a cost.

You scan me. I'm wearing my school uniform, a white blouse and a short plaid skirt. I skipped a bra and panties, and am wearing stockings held up by a garter belt. My hair is in a ponytail. The skirt is so short it's barely me. 

You're so angry and so turned on you can't speak. You grab me by my ponytail and kiss me savagely, then force me face down over your desk. You grab my wrists and tie them at the small of my back with tape, then pick up a wooden ruler and slap it hard on my upturned, naked ass.

The ruler's strike is agonizing. I'm a spoiled brat and not even my parents ever spanked me. I moan and struggle, but you've got me where you want me--just like I had you where I wanted you--and you're not going to stop until you get what you want--everything you want.

You spank me with the ruler, giving me ten hard swats, telling me what a bad girl I am, what a wicked bitch I've been and that I'm gonna get what's coming. Each swat reverberates through me, the pain sinking into my pussy and transforming into raging, white-hot lust. 

You stroke my reddened cheeks. I'm sore and your caress feels like heaven. My ass is hot under your hand. You like that, so you whack at me some more. You can't resist playing with my pussy. I'm soaking. You're so hard you have to put your cock somewhere or you'll blow in your pants.

You give it to me hard, fast and deep, bending over me and hissing into my ear, "You should have known you were gonna get raped, dressing like that, doing that to me."

I gasp, cry, beg for mercy, which you do not provide. My wetness tells you I'm into it. Before you finish, you pull out, slap my clit and play with my pussy. You spank my ass again, then ram back in and come.

If you like what you read, there's a lot more--I've written seventeen books, plus a number of short stories. Find them at my site,

A word about the art: Nick Roberts, a.k.a. Master Nick, is a meticulous artist of great talent who specializes in Goth and horror erotica. He has also written a book of short fiction which I edited and can be found at I highly recommend his work if that's your cuppa chai--and even if it's not. Expand your mind!

And read the sexy spanking snippets of the other talented authors taking part in this hop:

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