Saturday, September 6, 2014

Late Summer Lovin' with The Wilder Brother by Suz deMello (@MySexySaturday @MFRW_ORG #erotica #romance)

TPTB at My Sexy Saturday have asked us to give you a sexy summertime blog...the last gasp of the season before autumn sets in. Though I live in California, where people think summer is eternal, we in NoCal have four seasons and love them. Leaves are already turning in my neighborhood, though the crisp
leaves are turning
in the 'hood
nip of fall is not yet in the air--temperatures here are still in the 90s. 

So here's a snippet from The Wilder Brother celebrating summer lovin'.

The book, which is in both digital and print, is about two sexy brothers and their fun times with two gorgeous identical twin sisters.

For Colton Wilder, the invitation to his brother’s wedding is an invitation to trouble because Colt, having boinked the bride, knows what she’s really like. He doesn’t want his brother Max marrying selfish, manipulative Nicole Newcombe, a famous supermodel. In his view, Nicole stole the groom from her sister Dana.

For staid scientist Dana Newcombe, the invitation to her identical twin’s wedding is an invitation to humiliation. While Nicole was conniving to steal Max away from Dana, Dana had wild monkey sex in a glass-walled elevator with his brother Colt.

When they meet again at the wedding, she doesn’t want to want Colt, but she can’t help remembering and re-enacting their earlier sexy tryst in oh, so many different ways.

And here's the excerpt:

The flagstone walkway wound through the kitchen garden and out to the lawns. Moonlit and luminescent, white roses glowed in the back of the yard near the guest house. Colt sniffed the subtle fragrance of the flowers and herbs borne on the light breeze.

He laced his fingers through Dana’s, then lifted their intertwined hands to kiss
her knuckles. The moonlight gently lit her delicate features. He stroked her face, outlining her full lips as she smiled at him.

He replaced his finger with his mouth.

This time, she didn’t pull away. He closed his eyes to explore her with his tongue, giving her a soul-searching kiss that left her trembling delightfully in his arms. Her vulnerability excited him, aroused him all the more. Her fingers, still twined with his, clenched when he found one stiff nipple and flicked the sensitive point. She moaned deep in her throat as he cradled her breast. Heavy and full in his hand, it seemed to swell as her sensuous purring increased in pitch.

So hard that he’d burst out of his pants in just a few more seconds, Colt pulled away, perhaps too abruptly. Dana opened her eyes with a dazed, startled look.

He touched her face. “You’re wonderful.” A few yards away, the swimming pool shimmered, its underwater light flickering through the turquoise water. A vision of Dana’s naked breasts, slick with water and glistening in the moonlight, darted through his mind. “I think we both need to cool off. Wanna swim?”

“What a great idea. I’ll meet you out there in five minutes.”

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  1. Very sexy excerpt, Suz! Love the idea of a skinny dip to cool down - somehow don't think it's gonna work! LOL

    Tracey A.