Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rhona's First Vampire Kiss from "Viking in Tartan" by Suz deMello (@naughtyliterati #vikingromance #vampire #highlandromance)

Today this blog features several firsts!

First time for the cover of the anthology/boxed set I've been working on, the Naughty List, created by the Naughty Literati. We're a group of authors who have come together to throw out 4-5 boxed sets/anthos annually, and we're starting off our efforts with the Naughty List, a holiday anthology of short stories.

My contribution to the Naughty List is a short story, chronologically the first story in the Highland Vampires series. It's a medieval set in Scotland on Yule Eve in 1260. 

In Viking in Tartan, a Viking raider brings change to little Clan Kilbirnie, especially to the chieftain’s daughter Rhona. What she--and her clan--don't know and never discover, is that Erland is a vampire from the far north of Scandinavia. Being inexperienced, she doesn't question why he likes to bite her neck and sip her blood, but she does wonder how she fell for him so quickly.

Here's the sexy excerpt, and the second "first" in this blog. This is Rhona's first kiss.

“Look at me.” He gently squeezed her hands, which felt good.

She raised her gaze to his. His eyes were deep as the ocean and as compelling as the wild wind that had called her to freedom—or death—that night.

“Nothing will happen to you that you do not desire.” His voice dropped to a
whisper. “I know what you need, dear one.”

Dear one. Her mother had called Rhona that when she’d been wee, before Mam had died in childbed. Rhona’s heart twisted in pain, then wrenched wide open and let him in. 

Leaning forward, Erland stroked her cheek, gazed into her eyes and set his lips on hers.

Cool they were, but with an underlying fire. She recalled the feel of his leg between hers, rubbing her, and the memory enflamed her anew. Letting her eyes drift shut, she pushed her mouth against his, sure he held the key, knew the secret, could give her everything she’d ever wanted.

From where had that crazed thought sprung?

If you like what you read, there's lots more! The other twelve talented authors in the Naughty Literati have written wonderful holiday stories I bet you'll love.

We don't have buy links yet as the antho won't be available, even for preorder, until the end of the month, but you can keep up with us at our site and on Facebook. 

CHECK THIS SPACE ON NOVEMBER 15TH FOR THE COVER REVEAL! Our gifted cover artist, author Nicole Austin, has done a fabulous job--she had to find a great image plus fit the titles and names of all thirteen of us. 

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