Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Scottish Spanking from Suz deMello (#satspanks #spanking #BDSM #romance #highlanders)

In Temptation in Tartan, young Lydia Swan-Williston enters into a marriage of convenience with Kieran, Laird Kilburn. The date is 1747 and relationships between men and women were vastly different. This snippet is from one of their first encounters:

Down her body his heated gaze went until it feasted on her wet, open quim. She tried to close her legs, but he wouldn't let her, instead holding her knees high and wide.

She resisted, and he slapped her thigh. "Nay, lady. Ye're mine to enjoy any way I choose. And I choose this."

She drew in a shocked breath, for the spank had stung. Then the little pain settled into her pussy, adding an unexpected layer of passion.

If you like what you read, there's more--lots more. Temptation in Tartan is one if several books in Suz deMello's acclaimed Highland Vampires series.

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