Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Sexy #Menage Snippet ~~ Suz deMello (#erotica #romance #sexysnippets)

Today's sexy snippet is from Gypsy Witch, contemporary paranormal erotic romance...with a M/F/M menage! Yay!

Here's what the short story is about:

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department is no place for airy-fairy wimps, and Ben McCullough is the toughest of the tough. He tells himself he's bedding luscious Elena Lautari only because she's a babe, not because she's a card-carrying member of the Northern California Church of Wicca. Ben thinks she's a feather away from an arrest for fraud, since she makes a living telling fortunes and making charms for the lovelorn. He can't see her as a lifelong mate even though she's more than a match for him in the sack, and losing her is unthinkable.

But Elena is the real deal, a modern witch of much power and even more restraint. When her daughter, Gina, steals her mother's spell book and uses it to shatter the fabric of existence and release an ancient evil, Elena must put reality back in place—even if she loses Ben in the process. Will Ben and Elena's fragile love be lost with the revelation of her magic?

Maybe, but there are others ready to heal her battered heart. When Ben's partner attempts to claim Elena, will Ben move aside or move in?

And here's the sexy seven-sentence snippet:
...the cottage was unlit and dim. Grabbing her, Ben hustled her into her bedroom while Jake followed. Once there, both men started ripping at her clothes. Jake knelt to unbutton her denim shorts while Ben pulled her tie-dyed T-shirt over her head, revealing a leopard-print bra. He deftly unsnapped the center catch, and her breasts bounced free. Her big, dark areolas crinkled in the cottage’s cooler air, the nipples pointing. He tumbled her onto the bed and nested his face between her lush mounds.

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  1. They sure are in a hurry and the writing reflects that well. Good snippet.

  2. A passionate snippet :-)

  3. Things are about to heat up. Great snippet