Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Want to Laugh? Read The Romantical Groom (#RegencyRomance #satire #free)

One of my first fiction pieces worth reading was The Romantical Groom. I wrote it for a creative writing class I took in early 1997, while I was still practicing law and dreaming of another career to rescue me from the day-to-day drudgery and outright negativism of working as a trial attorney.

The Romantical Groom was my first fiction publication--American River College published it in their award-winning annnual literary magazine.

I've always loved Regency romance. Even before I started to read romance with a view toward becoming a romance novelist, I devoured everything Georgette Heyer wrote.

But one must admit that the genre is quite mockable.

Hope this excerpt tickles your funny bone! If it does, it's available for free via Kindle Unlimited here:

George serenely rode on, accompanied by his father and a groom. As befitted a gentleboy, he was securely mounted on his sweet old gelding, Muffin. He rode side-saddle, his skirts gracefully arrayed around him; gentleboys ride side-saddle to protect their tender parts from the chafing of the leathern seat.

He was eighteen years old and perfect, from the top of his guinea-gold curls to the bottom of his superbly fitted boots. The zephyr blue of his graceful, skirted riding habit complemented his celestial eyes. The low-cut jacket accentuated without revealing his lovely form.

Marlene turned to d'Arvon. "Caro, introduce me to the laddie," she wheedled.

"'Tis naught to me, Marlene, but you might wish to wait until you are not so rough from riding," she pointed out. "The gentleboy might want grace and deportment…in short, a dandy."

Maybegood snorted.

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  1. LOL... this is great...

    The word romantical always tickles me... in my first book, the protagonist is talking to his adopted father, a poorly educated mob boss. The father says, "But I'm romantical like that."
    "The word is 'romantic'."
    "That's what I said, smart ass." ;-)