Sunday, August 14, 2016

Perilous Play's Back, Better than Ever! (#FREE #memoir #BDSM #Kink #TheReal50Shades)

My life changed, and I felt that the first edition of Perilous Play needed updating. 

Here are some differences. Old cover:

New cover, by the amazing Dar Albert:

Here's an excerpt to pique your interest--from the new material in the new edition:

Chapter Nine

A Brief Confession and a Better Ending

The time of this writing is July 2016, and I feel it’s time to tell the truth, especially since I have emphasized my commitment to honesty both in this book and my life.

The events I discussed in Chapter One did not take place in the Bay Area when I was a student—they took place in Sacramento in 2012, centering around a yoga studio. Trapper Hart was not a law student, but a local businessman who attended the same class I did.

2014 was a year of exploration and growth for me...

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