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Find New Hope with "Nightlord Lover" by Kathy Kulig...and a raffle!

Warrior vampire Garrick Labar guards the secrets of the Guild. His comrade--vampire and sorcerer Ramon Travere--enforces the uneasy alliance between mortals and immortals. When Larissa Devine moves into town, both Garrick and Ramon are mesmerized and enraptured by her. They crave to claim her as their crimson swan and lover. But a new arrival is fair game and if they don’t claim her first, a band of renegades will.

Larissa finds a blistering-hot ménage with her protectors too intoxicating to resist. The immortals can’t deny their sexual attraction for her and sense her blood pulsing hot and furious when they’re close. Erotic desires thrust her into a world of danger and seduction. When the renegade vampires attempt to destroy a hundred years of peace, Larissa is caught in the crossfire. Eternal love and carnal nights can be her future if she survives.

Here's an excerpt to tempt your palate:

Vampires from both Edmund Manor and the Beaumont House entered the dining hall and quickly took a seat around the long table. This wasn’t a formal meeting, only eight out of the dozen guild members were present, but all were dressed elegantly out of respect to Bastian who sat at the head of the table.
Anger overriding proper etiquette caused Garrick to slam his fist on the mahogany table hard enough to crack the wood. He glared at Lazaro and Kashia sitting across from him then faced Bastian and lowered his gaze. “My apologies, Bastian. Larissa’s my claim, she resides on my land. I demand she remain under my protection until she willingly is drawn into the Guild.”
The elder for the Guild tapped his fingers on a leather–bound book as he stared across the room. Garrick knew he had to move fast, convince the other elders to make Larissa off limits or mark her as his own.
“Laws for the New Hope Guild allow anyone of us to make a claim on a new arrival, regardless of their residence. The number of claimed crimson swans should not be determined by the amount of landownership,” Lazaro argued.
“I agree.” Kashia stood up. “The benefit is for all who reside in the Guild. How many crimson swans does one member need?”
Garrick growled at the female vampire. She had more offerings in one week than Garrick took in a month. “Kashia, if we’re going to take head counts—”
“Enough.” At the end of the table, Bastian stood from his carved wooden
chair. His dark-brown hair hung loosely around his shoulders. The European cut of his black shirt looked hand tailored and highlighted his muscular build. “Lazaro has a valid concern,” Bastian said, locking his gaze with Garrick’s. He watched the fury in his master’s eyes. Nothing angered Bastian more than fighting among those within the Guild, especially over new claims for crimson swans. “The more offerings we have, the stronger we are and better protected from our enemies.”
Bastian spoke from old wounds. His mate, the lovely Claire Fulton, was beheaded by a female vampire slayer in the mid-1800s shortly after Garrick arrived from New Orleans. Many of their kind were killed by this slayer, until she was destroyed within the underground chambers and her ashes tossed into the river. Garrick understood the pain of losing one’s master, especially since the vampire who turned him was also his lover. He too, lost his master and lover in New Orleans. The loss of Jeannette Durant still bore deep.
A week before Claire’s death Bastian arranged for an artist to do a portrait of her as a gift, but she never received the painting. Bastian told Garrick to destroy the artwork but he didn’t have the heart. The painting that hangs in Larissa’s apartment, next to another by the same artist, Ramon. The second one was of Garrick in front of the Beaumont House. These Ramon infused magical powers into the oils. “I don’t have claim to many crimson swans. Not nearly as many as Kashia implies,” Garrick said. “Larissa is working and living on my property, therefore, she’s my claim if I chose. It’s convenient and less conspicuous.”
Bastian growled loudly, his fangs protruding. At four hundred years, no one dared challenged the elder. Garrick had to remember this. “Then make your claim, or another will do so.”
While he waited for the right time, he’d have to keep a close eye on her. Thankfully Ramon’s painting would help with that.

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About the Author, Kathy Kulig:

  Kathy Kulig is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of erotic romance whose works include paranormal, contemporary, BDSM, and suspense. 

She has published (or has contracted to publish) nearly 20 novels, novellas and short stories with various publishers and via self-publishing. Besides her career in writing, she has worked as a cytotechnologist, research scientist, medical technologist, dive master and stringer for a newspaper. In her spare time, she can be found mountain biking, traveling, lounging on the beach with a good book or having dinner out with her husband. Kathy resides in eastern Pennsylvania.

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