Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Snog for Sommer (#erotica #free @sommermarsden @victoriablisse)

Here at The Velvet Lair we keep tabs on our friends--even our friends' friends! Sommer Marsden, friend of friend Victoria Blisse, is apparently having a bit of a bad time with family illnesses and so on. So the lovely, kind Vicky Blisse is devoting her Sunday Snog blog for 14 Sept to the following is a snog for Sommer (even though I rarely snog girls).

You can help Sommer out by checking out her blog and maybe buying one of her books:

And here's a summer snog for Sommer, from Seducing the Hermit:

Valerie saw the unmistakable signs of male need. A flaring of the nostrils. A heated narrowing of Fisher's eyes. She smelled his masculine aroma, an intriguing mixture of sky and forest, with the biting tang of the sea caught in his long, sexy hair.

Yes. The first touch of his firm lips against hers ignited her blood. She turned on as if he’d flicked a switch, and suddenly she felt alive, the way she always felt when she made love. This was the feeling she craved. This was what she lived for. When she touched a beautiful man, it was as though her world morphed from black and white into color. God, she needed this, needed him.

She opened her mouth to let him in. His lips trembled ever-so-slightly against hers and she thought, Hmmm…but whatever conclusions she could have reached got lost when Fisher thrust his tongue into her mouth. One, two, three, four times, deep and hard, the way she liked it, communicating clearly what he wanted, a long, deep, hard fuck. 

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This is a blog hop! Find your way to other writers' sexy snogs here:


There's a link on the above page to a PayPal account that's been set up to help Sommer and her family. If you decide to contribute, please send me a screenshot of your PayPal receipt and I will send you any one of my ebooks 


  1. Thank you for that little bit, it sounds like it's leading to a lovely scene.

  2. Thanks for joining in with a Snog for Sommer, it’s much appreciated.

  3. I cannot wait to read this story from start to finish :) x

  4. Thanks, all! Appreciate your kind comments.