Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dee Sheridan and Love Awakens

Weary of her vampire existence, Detective Pamela Manley laser-focuses on her job as a police officer. Life is perfect until a certain handsome lawyer crosses her in court. What he doesn't know is that she's centuries older than he is, and she intends to control him.

Defense lawyer Stephen Armsbury is hot for the beautiful cop. After an evening of food and intimate kisses, he plans to get her into his bed ASAP. Furious when he discovers she's also a vamp, not to mention older and more powerful, he must discover why she shields her powers from him.

Hot-to-the-touch vampire elders and one lusty vamp rebel meddle in their growing relationship. Will Pamela reconcile herself with her undead status? Can Stephen win the love of his bewitching cop?

Can you guess what the answer to those questions is?

His sire was such a beautiful man, and watching him in his sexual activities was always arousing. Damian slid an arm around Stephen's waist, obviously turned on by what was happening around them. He turned, thrust fierce fingers through Damian's raven hair, cupped his head, and met his kiss with his own assault.
"I love watching Hugo," Damian admitted, releasing Stephen's lips.
Through lust-narrowed eyes, they followed Hugo's actions. He'd shoved up the fringed skirt and put his mouth at the apex of her thighs. The other female helped lower her to a chaise and sucked at the flapper's nipples as eagerly as Hugo ate her nether lips.
Damian backed Stephen to a pillar, knelt, and opened the fastenings of his breeches. Forgetting his sire, he needed all his focus on his king. His face tautened with fervent excitement, his knees stiffening to hold himself up.
His cock sprung free as if eager for a masterful blow job. Which, if he recalled Damian's sexual abilities correctly, it very definitely would be. Then he shuddered. Damian's mouth, hot and wet, surrounded his shaft, one hand braced on his thigh and the other cupping his balls. The king knew exactly how he liked it.
Stephen slid his fingers through Damian's hair, clutched the strands, knowing by the rapid movements and loud slurping that the sharp tugs aroused the king.
"Yes," crooned Stephen when Damian scored his sensitive cock with extended fangs. His hips
flexed and thrust into Dame's mouth. He felt his anus release and contract wanting his breeches ripped down and Hugo's cock, or any cock for that matter, rammed in for a hard, furious, and thorough fucking. But all he could do now was pump into Damian's face and enjoy. Damian, not neglecting anal play, slid his palm around to stroke Stephen's ass and grind his fingers into the crack through the satin breeches. His king did not forget the good parts.
Heat blasted through him, his thighs quivered, ass clenched, and Damian completely swallowed his ejaculation, the sensation of his throat massaging the tip of his cock unbelievably pleasurable. Stephen closed his eyes, his head tipped back on the column, and he released a long, low growl of pure satisfaction. Slowly, eyes still closed, he regained his senses and listened to the music of the instruments on the dais accompanying the music of the sexual energy in the ballroom. Even though he'd just been the recipient of one of Dame's amazing hummers—Stephen loved that word—the surrounding moans and shrieks aroused him again. Damian was good, but Pamela Manley was his goal.
He cranked open his eyes when he felt soft, female lips on his. Veronica. Hm. She ate at his mouth, thrusting in her tongue like it was a little cock. Watching Dame suck a man's cock got her horny, and she usually joined the action.

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About D.M. Sheridan
D.M. Sheridan loves all sorts of romance stories but specializes in writing erotic vampire romance. Having always lived in the private world of her mind, she's never actually seen a vampire, but fantasies dictate that they must exist.