Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Sexy Sporty V-Day Snippet (#99cents #romance #NewAdult #boxedset #sexysnippets)

It's been my pleasure to participate in three boxed sets in the last few months. Working with other authors has been very gratifying, stimulating and inspiring.

I wrote Naughty Balls for the Naughty Literati's new Valentine's Day boxed set. Candidly, I've never cared for Valentine's Day, especially since I rarely have a date for that evening. There's nothing more calculated to make a person feel like a loser, but with time I have come to realize that unless a relationship is on a very firm foundation, one can't expect a V-Day date. And as I'm dating around at this point, I'm destined to spend V-Day with my computer watching cat videos on Facebook.


That was the fate confronting my heroine, Penny, in Naughty Balls. But, being an avid basketball player, she instead went to shoot a few hoops in her college gym, where she found Orlando Havens, another player without a date on V-Day night.

So here's my seven-sentence sexy snippet...

But wait! you cry. Who are the Naughty Literati?

We’re a group of authors who’ve come together to showcase our epic talents in stories filled with powerful eroticism and satisfying romance. Our tales range from heartwarming and sweet to scorching hot erotic; medieval to futuristic; humans to aliens and shape-shifters; vanilla committed couples to kinky ménage fun.  


Now, here's the snippet:

I stared at his chest to avoid getting trapped by his gaze again. But his chest was ripped like the rest of him and shiny with sweat. Not gross sweat, sexy sweat.

I wanted to lick it.

I blinked, startled by the thought.

I wanted to lick Orlando Havens’ chest.

Actually, I wanted to do a lot more than lick Orlando’s chest.

If you like what you read, here's where you can score a copy--for just 99 cents! (Amazon—ebook) (Amazon--paperback)

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  1. Ooh, she makes him sound very sexy indeed. Great snippet.

  2. I kind of want to lick him too. Why don't I find hotties like Orlando in the gym?

  3. Hmm yummy, you make me want to lick him too :-)

  4. I modeled Orlando after Michael Jordan (YUM).

  5. I like the repetition in this. I think it works really well, it gives a good visual and leads the reader deeper. I almost wanted to lick him myself. Good snippet.