Friday, September 11, 2015

It's a Hot and Bothered Cover Reveal: Naughty Reunions (@BookBfsCafe! #hotforfriday @naughtyliterati)

The Naughty Literati are at it again! On September 25th, they're presenting Naughty Reunions, nine short stories of romance rediscovered. Here's the gorgeous cover by Nicole Austin:

And in my story, Ocean Dreams, marine biologist Sandi learns that the baby dolphin she left behind is a shapeshifter...and that sure gets her hot and bothered!

He pushed her upward to the surface with his thick body, then urged her to her right side so he was swimming behind her. Muscular arms cradled her while his tail still beat steadily against the water, holding them above the surface so they could breathe. His left hand reached around her waist while his other arm slid beneath her, wrapping around her to cup her right breast. She leaned back against his chest, breathing heavily, sniffling out salty chlorinated water.

Wait a minute.



Hands. Hands that now roamed her body with innocent curiosity rather than seductive sensuality, wandering about without focusing on any one spot, not her breasts or her pussy. Hands that seemed to be equally interested in the dip of her waist and the stretch of her thigh.

And breath. Another human’s breath. Not a dolphin’s wet, fishy blowing. Another human’s breath. A man’s breath.

She cautiously turned her head.

Suntanned skin, long dark hair and wide-set eyes the color of the midnight sky. The most handsome face she’d ever seen. Not picture-perfect, but with an endearingly rounded nose and a mouth curving into a human version of the dolphin’s perpetual smile.

That mouth opened and emitted a croak. He coughed, then said, “He-hello?”


“Yeah. Um, you’re not dreaming. Or hallucinating.”

She stared. “What are you?”

“Have you ever heard of shapeshifters?”

“Sh— What?

“Like Wolfman.”

Laughter bubbled up in her chest. Crazy laughter. “Sooooo... You’re Flipperman?”

If you like what you read, here's the preorder link: Grab your copy now!

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