Friday, September 25, 2015

OMG! Another Release day--in the same week! With a #contest! (#boxset #shapeshifter #romance @naughtyliterati)

The Naughty Literati have done it again!

Our fifth boxed set anthology of great, sexy romance short stories is available today at

And publishing five boxed sets in less than one year is one hell of an accomplishment!

Here's an excerpt from my story, Ocean Dreams. It was a departure for me--I've never written a dolphin shifter story before. The Naughty Literati boxed sets have been that way for me--because they're short stories, they don't represent the year-long time commitment that a full-length novel does. I've been free to experiment, and have written in subgenres I hadn't before expeored--FemDomme, recent history, new adult.

Ocean Dreams is about Sandi, a marine biologist who discovers that her old friend Blue is a not just a cute dolphin.. Here's a snippet from their first encounter.

She framed his face in her hands, thinking, I’m insane, but kissed him anyway.

He kissed back, a little hesitantly, and she thought, He’s never done this before. At least, not with a human. She was both scared and excited. She didn’t want to rush him, so she opened her lips just a tiny fraction.

He followed, and after their lips had melded and played, she opened a little more and allowed her tongue to gently touch his mouth. When he seemed accepting, she used the tip to tickle the sensitive inner lining of his lips.

He gasped and bucked against her, his substantial erection thrusting against her mound. She slid her hands down his back, finding a small hard lump near the spine. She wondered what it was, but chose to ignore it, instead dropping her hands to his hips. She pressed him against her more firmly while continuing to introduce him to deep kissing.

He moaned into her mouth and tangled one hand in her hair. The other stroked her face, then slipped downward, caressing her throat with respectful fingertips before palming her breast.

He’s never touched a human breast before me. He took his time, which wasn’t surprising, molding and cupping before he tugged up her pullover and found her bra. He explored it, the lace scratchy against her sensitized skin, then drew it aside to find her nipple.

Or a nipple.

Human nipples weren’t much like dolphin nips and he seemed quite interested, lingering long, circling the nipple. The flesh hardened, and an “oh” escaped his lips.

Intoxicating, the combined sensations—the kissing, the breast play and his cock against her mound. She was swelling along with him, dampening, ready. Very ready.

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