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"The Moon Maiden's Mate" Makes her Debut in Naughty Chances, a New Antho from the @NaughtyLiterati

The Moon Maiden's Mate is set on the moon, in 2114... Lunarian law requires 24-year-old Shayna Goldstein to marry before she's 25. She's dated everyone in New Brooklyn and rejected them all—Gideon Landers, the first man who kissed her, haunts her memories, preventing her from loving anyone else. Desperate, she consults a matchmaker, who sends a reluctant Shayna to Farside Colony to meet her mate.

The commander of Farside Colony, Gideon Landers has never forgotten Shayna. That he's been matched with her is a dream come true, but will Shayna be willing to live in the remote colony? 

Wow! A futuristic Chanukah story!

Here's a snippet to pique your interest:

Lulled by the train’s smooth movements, Shayna's mind wandered to the first time she’d been kissed—really kissed—by a male.

When she’d turned thirteen and started at yeshiva, the secondary school she attended after graduating from cheder, she hadn’t a clue about what was going on between the boys and girls. The air was constantly charged with a tension she now understood was born of sexual repression. Flirting and gossip about boys had dominated conversation.

And the prime topic had been Gideon Landers, even though boy had been the wrong word for him.
Gideon. Tall and dark, broad-shouldered and handsome, with a deep voice at age eighteen, he’d already matured. A Terran, Gideon and his parents had moved to New Brooklyn when the pogroms had wiped out the Jewish community on most of the Atlantic rim. Who knew what he’d seen and done? The girls whispered about the bulge in his Slicksuit, his burgeoning beard…he already shaved, and everyone wondered if he was still a virgin.

Shayna had tried to ignore the gossip. She’d claimed that he was arrogant, although her day didn’t seem complete without seeing Gideon’s smile, bright against his tanned skin, at least once. So she’d bantered with him, telling him jokes and anecdotes, just so she could see his smile. Years later she’d realized that she’d had a schoolgirl crush on him.

He’d graduated and joined the Officers Corps, but had returned to yeshiva to talk with students about joining the Corps. She’d been sixteen, and for the first time she’d seen him as a man, and a very sexy one at that.

He’d asked her out to coffee. They’d stayed late, closing the place down. When it was deserted, he’d pinned her in a chair with his much larger body and kissed her.

She remembered the strange sensation of someone else’s tongue caressing her lips. Her mouth had opened in surprise, and he’d pushed his insistent tongue in all the way. Because he’d been straddling her and holding her close, she’d felt his heart pound through their Slicksuits. As his pulse speeded up, it seemed to echo her racing heart.

Everything in her body, every cell, every vein, seemed to ignite with a fire she’d never before experienced. Electricity zipped along her nerve endings. She’d become hot, her armpits had dampened, and sweat had slid along her skin. Though she knew her Slicksuit would convert the perspiration to usable water, she was still embarrassed. Was she supposed to react this way? She’d kissed boys before and this had never happened. Would he see how she was sweating and be repulsed?

He stroked her neck and the gentleness of his touch disarmed her completely. She’d grabbed onto his shoulders with shaking hands to anchor herself in the tumult of emotion and pushed her tongue back against his.

He’d taken that as some sort of signal and begun to move his tongue inside her mouth in a mesmerizing dance. She didn’t know the tune, but improvisation seemed to be okay with him. Their tongues played together endlessly, it seemed, and she could have kissed him forever. She reveled in his flavor, his unique scent… Was it sandalwood? She didn’t know, but she liked it.

Desire flamed through Shayna’s body, bringing her back to the present. She tugged at her Slicksuit’s collar, opening it. The ziptrain’s recirculated air, a little stale, cooled her but still she squirmed in the seat, driving her wet pussy against the cushions. She was glad that the train’s car was empty except for her; she could have an orgasm right here and now, and no one would know. And it would be easy. Just the memory of Gideon Landers’ kiss turned her on.

He’d wanted more, had wanted to go further, and had. He clasped her breast, and she thought she’d go right out of her mind when one of his fingers flicked back and forth across her nipple. Even through her Slicksuit, it was the best thing she’d ever felt.

He’d eased his mouth away from hers to flutter kisses down her neck… Oh heavens, was he going to kiss her breast? That would be too much for her. Would the Slicksuit dry out before she went home? How could she explain a big wet spot to her ema?

She’d pulled away, and he’d bitten her neck. With a yelp, she’d convulsed. Her knee jerked up and into him.

“Shit, Shayna!” Gideon howled.

“You bit my neck!” She’d been outraged.

“It’s called a hickey, little girl.” He massaged his crotch.

Stung, she snapped, “Don’t call me a little girl, and don’t do that in front of me.”

He shot her a resentful look from beneath dark brows. “I’d like to do a lot more.”

“You’ll never get the chance.”

After that awkward interlude, he’d left to continue his career in the Officers Corps. She assumed he’d be stationed very far away.

But now, looking back, she realized that she’d compared every subsequent kiss to that one. No man had come close to lighting her up the way Gideon had, damn him.

Leaning back her head and allowing it to be cradled by the seat’s back, she let the memories of his touch envelop her. She ground her pussy into the cushion as she recalled his cool gray eyes, eyes that crinkled at the corners when he smiled or laughed.

Now, facing an arranged marriage, she wished she’d let him go as far as he’d wanted. What could have happened?

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