Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's here and it's #free: Fashion Victim, Romantic Suspense by Suz deMello (#romance #romantic suspense)

Just because my readers--any everyone else--have been so good to me, I've decided to put one of my best books on permafree.

Okay, I'll admit it's a come-on. I hope you'll read FV and love it, and then will pay for one of my books. 

But here it is and here's what it's about:

Hot isn't a hot enough word to describe corporate raider Fletcher Wolf, but since he's suing couturier Cara Fletcher for, oh, a gazillion dollars, she figures she shouldn't hit on him…at least not too hard.

On top of that, she wonders if he's responsible for the harassment and vandalism that's plaguing her, irritants that escalate into crimes when her workshop is trashed to the tune of a hundred thousand dollars. The economic damage enables him to seize her company, bringing him into her life on a daily basis. When her Manhattan loft home is torched and her assistant murdered, Cara realizes that the man she wants is the only man who can keep her safe.

By the way, Publisher's Weekly loved it, saying, 

delightful romantic suspense
--Publisher’s Weekly, 12/6/10

Kirkus and Booklist liked it too:

 an enjoyable inside view of the New York fashion world
--Kirkus, 10/8/10

Swift mixes sex, danger, and fashion in this fun…romantic suspense novel that will appeal to readers of traditional romance as well as fans of sexy mysteries like Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum capers.
--Aleksandra Walker, Booklist, 12/1/10

Get your copy here:

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