Friday, August 16, 2019

Celebrate the Bad Boy's Birthday! PERILOUS PLAY on sale Aug 16-20! (#Bestseller #KU #99cents #free #BDSM @suzdemello)

I'm always looking for excuses to put a book on sale, and some of those reasons get pretty creative. 

Perilous Play, a memoir of my experiences in BDSM, has at its heart my first D/s relationship, with someone I've dubbed "Trapper Hart"--obviously not his real name. But August is his real birth month--blessedly, I've forgotten if the date is the 17th or the 19th. I'm happy about that. He was one of those vile creeps that carve scars into one's psyche. The less I remember, the healthier I am.

Perilous Play has become pretty popular--when I promote it, it leaps to the top of the Amazon bestseller list in "Sexual Addiction." Pretty much where it belongs. I'd define "sub frenzy," a phenomenon you can read about in Perilous Play, as sexual addiction. 

As well as chronicling my affair with Trapper, I discuss a variety of kinks and kinkdom, including Doms and subs (of course), switching, polyamory, roles and role playing, and the various and interesting ways people self-identify--my favorite being "gender playful."

So--Perilous Play is in Kindle Unlimited, where KU members can read it anytime for free. But for everyone else, I'm discounting it from $4.99 to 99 cents from August 16-20. It's a good read, so enjoy--and learn a lot.

Here's the 4-1-1:

Want to know the real deal about kink and BDSM?

You won't find it in BS like "Daddy's Little Milch Cow" or The Fifty Shades books.

But you'll find it in Perilous Play, Suz deMello's memoir.

Want to read the real Fifty Shades? 


Readers said:

"Five stars! BDSM viewed from the inside out."

"Five+ smashing stars! I wish more people knew about this book."

"Five stars! A candid and page-turning account."


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