Friday, April 24, 2020

Attitude of Gratitude: COVID in Mazatlan

I don't usually talk about the value of maintaining an attitude of gratitude until November and Thanksgiving comes around. But in these strange and very trying times, I try to keep a positive outlook no matter how distressing the reality. I acknowledge what's going on while still working to find the good in any and every situation.

But there's def good stuff going on. The authorities here, while knowing they're overmatched, are taking intelligent steps.  The beaches are closed, gatherings prohibited, alcohol sales suspended. Social distancing is emphasized--grocery stores will allow only one person per family to enter. No kids and no pregnant women. The streets (at least where I go) are quiet and most people wear masks.

At this roadblock, authroties took my temperature wth a handheld device that didn't touch my skin,  and sprayed down the car with disinfectant. Also received a pamphlet about COVID-19.

There are still wonderful things here to enjoy:

Close-up of a cactus flower
Sheep or goats? I first thought goats, but a closer look revealed that
they're recently shorn sheep. I think.

My big, beautiful, empty beach, Playa Cerritos:

Pineapples growing nearby

Plants that are pathetic little houseplants 
in the USA grow to giant size here

But into each lovely life a little rain must fall. As I mentioned, alcohol sales have been suspended. Below, see my last bottle of red...opened last night (sob sob).


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