Thursday, July 23, 2020

Too hot for Ya? Read coooollll... (#hockeyromance, #sportsromance, #romance #militaryromance #veteranromance #alaskaromance)

For many of us, late July is a time to stay at home in the air conditioning. And with Covid-engendered fears, this year more than ever. 

I live in Mazatlan, Mexico, a great place except for the excessve humidity in the summer months. Today, for example, is a balmy 90 degrees Fahrenheit that my weather app claims "feels like 99." And it does, due to the 63% humidity. And it never cools down. 

Northern California was my home for most of my life, where we enjoy the breeze flowing from the Pacific Ocean, along the delta of the Sacramento River, cooling us every evening. For example, the high in Sacramento, my former hometown, is going to be 91 today, but it will drop all the way to 57 tonight--deliciously chilly. In contrast, the low tonight in Mazatlan will be 77, really not cold enough for relief.

So if you're living in a similarly hot clime, may I invite you to enjoy a couple of books set in chillier environs?

Irresistible force, meet immovable object
Veteran Fisher Chugatt has withdrawn from the world, retreating to the Alaskan village 
where he was born and raised.

Can a sexy, lively DJ from Los Angeles 
break through his shell?
DJ Valerie Percy rejects the phony life she's lived and travels to remote Takinsha Island determined to start over. She looks for an FWB, an accessory she considers more important than mascara. She wants a warm, outgoing man to laugh with her, 
hang out with her, and shag her silly.

And then she falls for Fisher Chugatt, a loner who rejects any relationship.
Can Valerie's love heal the pain Fisher carries?
What Goodreads reviewers thought of earlier editions:
"...enjoyable... Sweet story, steamy sex and very likeable characters."
"...a good read by the pool in the summer or by the fire in the winter."
"I enjoyed this one... I liked their chemistry..."
--Heather in FL

Set in lovely, cool Alaska, this book is
guaranteed to help you think cool thoughts even though the sex is seriously hot.

Buy it here. Free with KU!


Also guaranteed for sexy thrills 
and chills is my hockey romance.

How far would you go to win your lifelong dream?

When filmmaker Zoë Whipple agrees to shoot a documentary about a hockey team’s season, she doesn’t sign on for scandal, crime and murder. But she discovers that players, rabid to win the championship, don’t let morality or the law stand in the way of their ambitions.

When a rookie dies from cardiac arrest, Zoë is saddened but not suspicious until another player, in the grip of ’roid rage, goes berserk on the ice and ends up in the hospital. Digging into the mess reveals illegal painkillers and steroid abuse among most of the team. Zoë, whose reputation for honest filmmaking is at stake, threatens to expose the scandals.

Is her new lover, team captain “Crash” Crasseau, responsible for the harassment and vandalism meant to scare her into silence? When Crasseau’s ex-wife is murdered, and Zoë’s daughter is threatened, Zoë must choose between her career ambitions and her child’s safety.

What others have said about a previous edition:

Five stars! I genuinely enjoyed this book.
--John W. Cobb, Amazon reader

Whether you are a fan of sports or not, I have no doubt you will enjoy this romance.
--Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

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