Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Stable #Spanking from Suz deMello (@MFRW_ORG #SatSpanks #BDSM #erotica)

Confining my blog post to only eight spanky sentences has always been a challenge, but I don't dare break the rules--I might be in line for punishment too!

Today's spanky snippet is from The Wilder Brother, a romantic comedy. Here's what the book is about:

For Colton Wilder, the invitation to his brother’s wedding is an invitation to trouble because Colt, having boinked the bride, knows what she’s really like. He doesn’t want his brother Max marrying selfish, manipulative Nicole Newcombe, a famous supermodel. In his view, Nicole stole the groom from her sister Dana.

For staid scientist Dana Newcombe, the invitation to her identical twin’s wedding is an invitation to humiliation. While Nicole was conniving to steal Max away from Dana, Dana had wild monkey sex in a glass-walled elevator with his brother Colt.

When they meet again at the wedding, she doesn’t want to want Colt, but she can’t help remembering and re-enacting their earlier sexy tryst in oh, so many different ways.

In this excerpt, Nicole has been a very bad girl indeed, and she's getting what she deserves in the horse barn of the Wilder Brothers' farm. Her sister
Dana is watching, and the scene is written from her perspective:

Openmouthed, she watched as Max raised the quirt and swished it down over Nick’s butt. It landed with a decisive rap. 

Dana gasped, desire snapping through her. No, she thought, this can’t be!

Nick moaned and writhed, but didn’t scream no, didn’t get up, didn’t run away. Clearly, this was what she wanted.

Max lashed her again and again, with Nickie’s body jerking with each strike. She lifted her rear up and down, groaning his name, begging, “Oh, Max, oh, Max.”

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Happy reading!

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  1. Watching a kinky spanking usually means the girl watching will be next - Look out Dana!

  2. LOL, you'll have to read the story to find out! Thanks for visiting, Helen.

  3. I love voyeurism! More week!

  4. I love the blurb and your voice! Love the twist. Great stuff!

  5. mmm, I love the "wild monkey sex in a glass walled elevator". I would read the book for that alone! :)