Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why Short? Why Sexy? Why Now? The World According to Eva Lefoy

Hello, Eva! Soooo....tell us! Why short? Why sexy? Why now?

Well, okay:

I have a confession to make about my reading habits. I like to read short works – less than 60 pages please! – and I like them hot and sexy. Why? Well, I like to read smexy stuff * grins * and I don’t have a lot of time to read.

Sound familiar?

In an era where most of my day is time-slotted with task after task, it’s tough to find much time that’s free. Remember free time? I do, and I’m sorely missing it! Most of the week my day looks something like this:

6:30 get up
7:00 shower
8:00 be at work
12:00 go home bake cupcakes for mom
1:00 back at work
5:00 hit the gym
6:00 get home for dinner, eat, do dishes, do laundry, clean, check email, feed the cat, etc.
8:00 be at mom and dad’s
10:00 get home and go to bed

The schedule sometimes doesn’t change much for the whole week, and then I wake up on Saturday morning and wonder, why didn’t I get a haircut this week like I wanted to? Why didn’t I make it to yoga class like I should have? Why isn’t that book I’m working on finished yet?

Well, it’s like most things. If I can’t schedule a block of time to do it, it’s hard to get ‘er done!

I’m thinking most of the readers out there today are a lot like me. They don’t have much time to sit down and read – maybe five minutes here, ten minutes there – and it can be difficult to sink into a story and then get yanked out of it ten pages later when dinner’s boiling over on the stove. So I really like when I find shorts that I can finish in one sitting. One book I found offers a collection of all kinds of stories – horror, paranormal, romance, urban fantasy, science fiction, etc. – is called “Stories on the Go, 101 very short stories by 101 authors.” It’s FREE on Amazon if you want to check it out.

I tried it, I loved some of the stories and decided that if such book existed for “regular” genres, why not one for romance and erotica too?

Since it was the end of the 2014, and the New Year was upon us, I quickly solidified my idea to create books full of sexy stories that readers can take with them on the go. Along the way, I recruited some terrific authors to join me, and now there’s Sexy to Go!


What's Sexy to Go, you ask?

Sizzling short stories from top-selling authors

Sample romance in all its flavors in Sexy to Go. From paranormal to contemporary, you’ll find your fix here. Look for a brand new collection every month.

Punishing the Messenger by Tara Quan
When her flighty cousin bails hours before the wedding, Kailee Chan is forced to deliver the news. The dominant groom punishes her instead, and her submission leads to a far more serious commitment.

Trio Concerto by Eva Lefoy
Casi suffers a scheduling mishap, but finds impromptu sex in the forest fulfills more than one personal fantasy. When the sexy shifters vanish, she’s left with an invitation to return. Does she dare?

To Love Again by Allie Ritch
Kara is a reincarnated sorceress who has cheated death to return to her vampire lover again and again. She always comes back to Griffin. And she always leaves him, too. Now the anniversary of her first death has arrived, and she’s fated to die. Will she finally let Griffin turn her so they can be together forever? Or will she love him again in the next life?

Faking It by Sofia Grey
Lucy can’t believe her luck. Upgrade to 1st class flight and a hot hunk in the next seat. He’d never be interested in a geek, so maybe it’s time to reinvent herself? Faking it has never been such fun.

Assistant Seduction by Jocelyn Dex
When the temp agency sends Kyla a hunky male assistant, who looks as if he stepped out of one of her erotic stories, will she get more than she bargained for?

Unconventional Spark by Allyson Lindt
If Jade can’t learn to balance business and pleasure, she’ll lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her—the unconventional spark she shares with her boyfriend, Brandon

Dancing in the Flame by Ann Gimpel
Keira’s an indentured hooker. Mired in the hopelessness of her dreams, she longs for more and finds it in Barrett. He’s not what he seems, but neither is she—except she doesn’t know it yet.

Skin by Leigh Ellwood
Skin - One needs a tough skin to endure an unpleasant situation. When Lt. Andromeda Kurn is sentenced for damaging property during a shore leave, the skin suit she must wear enhances the pleasure of her punishment.

Meant to Be by Nerika Parke
A rock concert, a chance meeting with a sexy musician and a night on the beach turn Jessica’s unremarkable life upside down when she takes a weekend away for her birthday.

Dreamwalker: Key to Paradise by Pamela Moran
Pulled together through a world of dreams, Lena and Davis might have found the Key to Paradise. Can he convince her to take a chance, to believe in impossible possibilities, to hold on to their dream?

For His Pleasure by Shiloh Saddler
A black slave and white plantation owner’s son narrowly avoid being separated when the estate is sold. Forced into poverty they must work hard to survive. But through the hardship their love endures.

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